Monday, August 10, 2009

My Reflection over the Online Course

What did I find out during the cooperation project?

I think that this course is good because it gives a chance for Cambodian and German students getting to know each other more including the culture, education and the tradition and so on. However, there are some problems related to the internet speed and the different time zone that make us difficult to chat or have a meeting time on chatting. There are some misunderstandings in the assignments given that I sometimes was confused.

What did I find most interesting, strange, funny, awkward?

The thing that I like from this project is the chance that European students and Cambodia can understand each other well rather than just the book and mis written history or the wrong perception on each other. For instance, before I thought that German are so cruel because they killed many Jewish people and at the same time Cambodia has been known as a bad country which suffered from many wars. When they heard of Cambodia, foreigners have the ideas of killing, brutality, or corruption but the fact is not that we have so many things here.

What was easy, what was difficult in the communication process?

The difficult part is the internet speed and the accessing to internet. We have so slow internet even though we try to open the page but we failed so many times. The internet speed really made tired of using it. Also, we have so many other course to learn and it made us difficult to make ourselves available for the course and to the complete each given assignment. However, after we get used to the internet we try to find a better speed and we can communicate with our friends in Germany through email or forum.

What would I still like to find out from the other students?

The things that I want to know more from other students are how they use the time effectively for their study and how to do the job while learning. I also need to know more how is media situation in Germany as well as the life of journalists over there whether they are respected or giving value or not. In addition, I want to have this kind of course more and more to make a better understanding of the using internet for a study purpose.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Favorite Media

My Favorite Media

Radio is always my favorite media since I don’t have much time to sit and read newspaper and it is not a time consuming unlike other media. Once I listen to radio, I can do other things like reading or cooking.

The first thing that I do when I get up in the morning is to tune in the radio. Since 5: 30 am, I listen to Radio Free Asia and later Voice of America (broadcasted in Khmer Language). After that it is 6: 30am, I listen to BBC news to get more international news and it also improves my listening skill. What is more, while listening to BBC I get more ideas and I know the way they report news especially the techniques that they use.

I have a good impression and imgination when I listen to radio feature report or radio dramma I can think of and imagine the pictures that the reporter is describing. Some story even draws my full attention on it and I have stop doing other stuff but focusing on the news. I can forget to read newspaper for a week but I cannot leave my radio from me even a day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In pagoda

Waiting to be shoot....

My family -


My nephew

My Family

Laugh-laugh and Laugh--

My nephews

New Year - on the cliff

Having climbing nearly 400 steps of Sontuk mountain. Everyone wanted to take a rest...

-- I feel so exhausted. Relax and take picture.... lol..
In the picture: from left my 3 year old nephew- me-my 7 year-old nephew and my brother at the back... on right hand(in black shirt) my older brother...

New Year Time

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Second story at Phnom Penh Post

Reading: A Novel Obession among Cambodian Youth

On the second floor of the International Book Centre in Phnom Penh, 21-year-old Dy Vutheara is working out which book to buy from the hundreds of Khmer-language novels on offer. While she enjoys a variety of genres from detective stories to comics, she eventually settles on a romance."Most of them are good, so I have to weigh them up and decide which one would be best," said Dy Vutheara, an environmental science student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP).Dy Vutheara has bought more than 100 novels in the last three years since her teacher suggested she read more. She is not alone. About 40 of her friends also like to read, and she says between them they keep track of newly published novels."We never miss any new releases even though we don't have much money to buy them," she said. "So we take it in turns to buy the books and read them."Kim Sophat, a secretary of state at the Ministry of Culture, says the growing market in Khmer novels is leading to an increase in the number of writers."A lot of young people from the provinces and from urban centres are starting to write more and more. They can now make a decent living out of it," Kim Sophat said.Steady increaseOne of the country's best-known novelists, Mao Samnang, who writes under the pen name Rabbit, has noticed that the number of books published in each print run has increased steadily over the past decade - reinforcing the notion that more people are reading. But she says print costs remain an obstacle to increasing readership. Mao Samnang earns about US$500 for each of her novels, which take one month on average to complete. She says that if readers knew how difficult it is to write a book, they would complain less about the price.Despite the relatively high cost of books, she says many fans keep up with her new works by renting them from bookstores.Keo Somaly is a bookworm who has decided to spend her two dollars of food money to buy her favourite book - Neang Macha, or Lady Fish. She says many youngsters share her taste, which helps to offset the cost."Today is my turn to buy the book, and this one costs 7,000 riels [US$1.69)," she said. "My friends and I take turns [buying books] since we don't have much money, but we love to read." Obstacles The emergence of soap operas and foreign movies has some local writers worried. But Mao Samnang says her main concern is piracy."Illegal copies can kill writers. Soon after a novel is printed, there are many photocopies available on the market," she said. "The copy is much cheaper, but it is really harmful for novelists and for the printing houses."The Culture Ministry's Kim Sophat said authors should sue those who produce illegal copies of their works. Seong Phos, a Royal University professor, agrees and says that counterfeiters should be treated as thieves under the law and should be punished - although he has never seen that happen. The future Dy Vutheara says that most themes currently explored in Khmer novels lack deep meaning. "Readers just scan the cover and the first few pages, and they can tell how the story will end," she said. Looking to the future, Mao Samnang said she wants to make some changes to her novels. She believes that with greater exposure to foreign books, and a desire to see greater liveliness and creativity in local books, young readers are ready for a new approach. "Even though we novelists can barely survive, we try to keep our literature alive and maintain the long-lasting tradition of the Khmer novel for the next generation," she said.

For more

"My whole Sunday shooping with Amazing experience"

This Sunday I have spent my whole day out side home since 6 in the morning till 5 in the evening. My aunt and brother were very surprise that on this Sunday.
I woke up so early. I went to do exercise with the volunteer groups from OYG ( Around 30 people, those people did not only do the exercise but clean the river front, mainly in front of the Royal Palace. It has been the third time for them to clean and wake up in the very early morning. I do appreciate their effort and energy. They are paid nothing but they are delighted to help clean our city. However, most people living there are not so welcome with these group actions and they even mock at them.

A boy living there shouted:
“Hey, those cleaners come again! it is their Sunday again! ”
Another began:
“Why these cleaners are so young and beautiful like this?”

I am not happy at all when hearing such words. To me, cleaning or doing from your own willingness and effort mean more than any thing to me. And I value to those who are valuable. Despite of the fact that some people living there did not really welcome our action,; hence, there are runners, exercise doers who keep smiling when seeing such young and enthusiastic young people like us caring our environment and Cambodian reputation. Without any hesitation, our cleaning continued until 9. After saying goodbye to those volunteers, I did spend my Sunday happily with my friends, of course girl friends at DMC. It is said that girls like shopping” and for sure we went shopping all morning.

First we went to Russian market (Toul Tumpong). Lyda is one of the stylists among my classmates but it is not strange since we have known her for nearly three years already. Lyda is content with many new designs of clothes displaying in the market. She has bought jeans, T-shirts, and pants which cost her nearly $40. Not all, Kim Oan my little and cute friend also buy some T-shirt. Oan said that she did not know why she love shopping even the time that she is broke she just want to see the new clothes (window shopping) that’s it and she is satisfied. I’m lucky but today it is not my day. I could not find the real stuff that I like. But I just hope to find the “Necklaces” for Davy Chou filming. We have tried to find many necklace but we were not sure if that is the one that he needs so the best idea is to take the picture of each necklace that we thought are suitable for the film and then let him make his own decision.
It is another time to say goodbye for our shopping then we went to Lucky Burger to eat something. We were so joyful with the chatting not the chickens and cokes over there. Spending time with friends, talking what on our mind and relaxing in the air-con room are the things that I miss so much in the last few months since we were dead and bloody busy with school assignments and homework.

I was convinced by Lyda that the shoes at VNC are good, modern and durable. (Lyda is usig peer influenced strategy, one of the effective strategies to attract the users). After the hearing this from my friend again and again I start to have a feeling of buying shoes at that shop. I and Lyda went to VNC(it is pronounced V and C ) shoes shop. The shoes over here are so modern and durable, restated Lyda. First I did not believe her but my mind change dramatically when there were many customers: young, old, adult, housewives and even celebrities had joined. Those shoes are from Malaysia and it honestly so expensive to me and Lyda and I can say that we could not afford if it did not have sale discount from 20%-50% -70%... VNC is located near Mobitel main office and what surprised me the most is another shop in front of VNC is the “New Collection Shop”. NCS is peaceful and quiet. I can see from the mirror that there was no one there in the evening of 4-5 which is quite different from VNC. The customers keep coming even though it was raining like cat and dog out side. They have tried any pair of shoes freely and happily since the room equipped with air-con, fans and music. Within the romantic and relax music the customers enjoyed buying and trying shoes. Having this good strategy, VNC has a great sale because once customer come here they never go back without any shoes, but they left with a pair, two pair, three pair and many more of shoes. It would be better if NCS consider changing their market strategy. Discount is a good means since this time of economic down turn.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Interview with Film Director

Ms. Poan Phoung Bopha produced and directed the film “Who am I?,” a tragedy that illustrates a love affair between two lesbians. The film drew a lot of attention, reaching an audience of around 4,000 and both national and international media. Poan Phoung Bopha was born in November 1955. In 1972, at age 17, she became a novelist and worked as reporter for Pro Chea Chun (people newspaper) for three years. From 1993 to 1998, she worked for Rakmey Kampuchea Daily newspaper. From 1997 to 2003, she was a co-director of the Women’s Media Center, responsible for media campaigns. She has been producing films for Rock Production of CTN since 2004.

1. Why did you have the idea of creating this film? Who was your target audience?

The idea had been in my mind since 2004, when I first worked for the Cambodian Television Network, CTN. I recognized that most people in the cosmetics business are gays or lesbians, although they didn’t of course tell me straight away that they were. I was working with these people every day, and they told me every single point of their stories. It was a new topic to raise in Cambodia, which has never been produced before, especially related to this small group of people. Things were not always easy. I had to do a lot of research on whether my audience would watch this film or not. I had to observe a lot of events happening in the star life. After that, it was quite lucky enough to find a love affair between two women (Ms. Chea Ratha and Ms. In Sok Lyda). Many people wanted to know more how lesbians live and love each other, especially in sexual matters. There I go, my film will be applauded.

2. Have you ever thought of getting reaction from the audience?

I have heard some criticism from wives of high-ranking officials since the beginning of the film, that this film will provoke emotions among those lesbians and please the group only. I just want them to go and watch my film first before they judge. I don’t mean to provoke, but no matter if a person is a lesbian or a gay, they are born with it. And it is not because they watch my film for two hours, so they want to change their personalities or sexual orientations. But it is what nature has done to them. However, the audiences who have already watched my film have not shown any negative feedback to me.

3. Did you make your film to please yourself or the audience?

My objective is to help reduce social discrimination against lesbians or gays and give better education to these people, since it is so hard for them to live in society. At workplaces, these people are not given fair opportunities; they are looked down on by people who do not take the chance to know them. My audience would understand and cut down prejudice toward this group.

4. Where do you get the fund from? How much does it cost?

I spent my own money, around US$ 20,000, making this film. I spent 6 months writing scripts, plus 3 months filming. The movie was filmed in some tourist sites in Cambodia, which I think was useful for foreigners who would like to visit this country. (The film will be available in an English subtitle from 21 April.)

5. If compared to the previous film you made, is this your most outstanding, or did it consume a lot of time? Any difficulties?

This is a new topic that has never happened in Cambodian film history. I have seen local and foreign media become interested about my film, so I would say that this film raises me higher in popularity among the 19 films that I have produced.

Anyway, I was at first concerned about the license from the Ministry of Fine Arts. I waited restlessly just to get approval of my film, as I was afraid they would think this film is against Cambodian culture. What is more difficult than that is I will have to get plenty of feedback from society. For each sequence, it is really hard for the actresses to act like real lovers. And it was my big responsibility to produce a film exactly like what's written in the script.

6. Do you think Cambodian families, especially parents, will change their way of thinking after watching your film?

I don’t think they will change their perception and let their daughter or son love and marry a same-sex person. And, I won’t think it will happen now since Cambodian people think same-sex love is very immoral and a discredit to the family's reputation. Even though my film does not cover everything about same-sex love, it at least can show a small part of truth that the love story of lesbians and gays exists.

7. Up to now, how many people have watched? And will you screen on TV?

Approximately 500-1000 tickets are sold out per day for both two theaters (Siam Reap and Phnom Penh). I am not yet sure if it will be screened on TV but if it does, maybe in 2010.

8. What will your future films be?

For the time being I am just producing films for Rock Production, which are to be screened on CTN right now. And I have not thought of making a new one yet. Film production costs a fortune and like a short blaze if producers run out of ideas to produce the most catchy ones. In Cambodia, nowadays the film industry is becoming less powerful, as there is not enough market for it. Besides, Cambodian filmmakers' strong competitors are television, which purchase cheap foreign films, and piracy film businesses.

This film could be my last film, as I am getting older now. It’s impossible to produce films if you don’t have money. I may start my first career again as a novelist after ending the film because I am not going to spend a lot on it.

My first story for Phnom Penh Post

Hi everyone ! this is my first article written for Phnom Penh Post. It is the interview between me and a female film director.

please the link below:

My first impression on E-learning

Hello world, My name is Seang Heng(you can call me lucky). I have accessed to E-learning two week already but I don't have much time update my profile as the internet here is damn slow. And
I don't think it is a disaster over there.

I feel so surprise when you all did the brainstorming about Cambodia, my country. It seems to me that you all did a good job meaning that you know most of Cambodia and our people.:D

E-learning is fast and comfortable only when you have a fast speed of internet and it makes you feel so content. There are things that we can learn from here, especially the forum allowed we all share and get more ideas.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A good post

The common way to inform the audience

Reading is a good habit

I am not a good reader but I have this habit to try to read as much as I can. Once we rea, we will gain a lot ideas, new vocabulary, structures, grammar and many thing more.......

Monday, August 25, 2008

Khmer food festival

Everyone was very happy!
Cheers !!

volunteer for five steps

We were so happy to take a group photo at Sunway Hotel.
Spending one whole morning at the conference, everyone felt so tired and happy.

Preparing for the Exhibition


Do you still remember your childhood? if so what was it ? Can you share it to me?

Somay Mom foundation

Mom Somaly foundation was one of the NGOs that participated in the " Youth Festival" ...

The young learn to read

They are so curious about the new thing around them.

Group Photos

Where ever, never forget to take photos!

Prey Veng Trip

I was holding a book and talking on the phone, life is so busy like that !!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some interesting pictures at Prey Veng

Mr.Oudom-one of the youth challenger- speaking at prey veng

Trip to Prey Veng province

My first ever experience to walk in the flood of Phnom Penh city was unforgettable for me.

How I reach the car

It was on late Friday evening 15th of August that I walked under the rain and it was a scary day for me to walk alone in the water. I had waited at my working place for nearly an hour before the car that we rent to Prey Veng arrived .

Once it came I had to go find it near UNDP. It was a heavy rain and nearly all the roads in Phnom Penh city were stuck in the water and the car that I and my other six friends was far away from my working place( WWF).

As the car could not come to pick me near the Misnitry of Planning, I need to walk about 20 mn just from WWF to UNDP. There was only me who walked alone at nearly 8pm. I felt that it was do dangerous cos I could have been drown in the sewage system( Lu Tek). Luckily, I could find the car.

A car with 8 People

When I reached the car, I was so so happy cos I wouldn't get soak any more. But it was more that I expect it to be. In the small camery car, there were 8 people including a driver. In the front part, there was 3 people while at the back there were 5.

All the three guys were in front, at the back there are Seila( M), Geoff( M), Nila, Nearyroath, and me. I couldn't have a small space to take a deep breath or remove my coat cos we all seem to sit tightly together. Until we arrive at Nek Leoung Ferry, some people get out of the car to stand seeing the view night time , I could seat easily. Then we start to keep our style of sitting again or we can't seat together.

Prey Veng our destination

After having travelling nearly 3 hours, we arrive at the hall( prey veng). Everyone felt sleepy and tired. But we joined a nice dinner together. Then we went to the hotel which was arranged by Mr. Lux ( IRI). We went to bed happily cos it nearly 12pm that we could sleep as tomorrow we will have to get up to join the "Youth Festival " at Prey Veng town.

What have we done in the event?

Actually we did not have a clear purpose on what to do but Mr. Lux said we at least had to contribute something. Then the idea came out . " Provide consultant: education background, learning experience, media, phychology, law, English learning...." to our audience.

For sure we could do it perfectly. On that event I also have to write story for my editor ( Reaksmey Kampuchea). I soon interview some peoplel, combine the source and then write a story.

when we are back that our lucky again that we could come with the actor Mr. Chea Samnang who also joined the youth festival"youth challenger"....

MY first byline

Although it was not in the front page of the paper, the event was published in the Reaksmey Kampuchea newspaper and the online of it called

I was really happy to see my name written down in that paper.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Located in the northern part of Cambodia, Kratie has been famous for the
dolphines .However, the number of them is decreasing that we hardly see
them . we have to wait hours to see them swim/....
Please we all conserve the dolphines that now have just only around 100 in cambodia....

Monday, June 30, 2008


This is time that I think back to past time that we don't have colorful camera( just black and white) ..... Although techonology develope, we human being cannot adapt easily to new change that's why i sometimes think about my pass time..... how wonder it was when I was just a child and now I grow up to be a strong woman.....

Looking Back: Reach Sambath

On the screen is his picture in 2003, while sitting is him now in May 2008. He is recalling his past time on the TVK screen talking about Media situation in Cambodia..
IN in the last five years he used to be a reporter of AFP ( Agence France Press), but now he is a spokeman of the Khmer Rouge court, ECCC.
Mr. Reach Sambath now is so famouse and everyone knows him." when the there is a news abut the court or former Khmer Rouge leader, I have to recieve many phone call sometimes up to 200 people a day," says Mr. Reach Sambath...
"Life is busy like that"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Third Gender people In Cambodia

Change sex-lose the right to vote?
Third Gender Persons Need Special Right

“I feel so ashamed when people call me kathoey,” says 30-year-old beautician, Ano , “I want them to call me as a real girl like the others that is why I go to vote hoping that the new government will help me and my group.”

Because of this intention, Ano, from Battambang province, has been trying to make the identification card three times, however, she has been rejected by the Battambang commune all the time.
“When I asked them to make the ID card for me, they said that I was neither male nor female; hence, they discarded me,” says Ano in a disappointed face, having long hair, wearing den jeans and tight T-Shirt.

Chief Cabinet of General Secretary of National Election Committee (NEC) and also a Professor of Sociology at Royal University of Social Science and Humanity, Mr. Chin Sarin, , says that third gender people can have either gender (male or female) to appear in their ID card. “If they want to have a male or female gender, we should do it for them because it does not affect the citizenship,” They are also a human being like us ,so they can decide to have whatever sex they wish to, he says.

So far, in Cambodia only men are organized in to group of third gender people. Those are called MSM (Men who have Sex with Men), there are two groups of it: the long hair who changes their appearance to be women and love only men, while short hair who dress like men and love both women and man.

The MSM short hair mostly does not affect much by the gender discrimination as they look like man, Mr. Sok Yarith, director of Men’s Health Cambodia observes, but MSM long hair have more impact.

Not everybody has shared sad experience like Ano. There is no obstacle for MSM wearing like a man. Speaking one- by- one strictly like a man, Mr. Khit Srouy, 24, explains that he can vote as he was given a special form 10.18[showing that he is Cambodian and able to vote] from CCP members in

“I am interested in politics although I am a third gender person and I think politics can help me,” says the 24-year-old with slightly laughing.

One year living in a rental room with the other five MSM friends, Khit Srouy has been influenced by them to have women’s characteristics. He adds that he has never faced any problems concerning with gender discrimination. However, Mr. Keo Rattana, 39, who has loved man and lived with man for nearly ten years, says that he has faced with discrimination by the surrounding people. “People call our group as kathoey; I do not want to hear at all.”

“To me, I want the constitution to makes a law legalized that in Cambodia also has third gender person gender, that’s why I go to vote in every mandate,” says Mr. Keo Rattana. “expecting that the new created government would help us to be known.”

Mr. Chin Sarin says that if there are a huge number of MSM in Cambodia, the new law may be created to ease the people.

There are 140, 000 MSM in Cambodia according to the 2008 temporary statistic of Family Health International organization. Mr. Sum Thy, program officer in FHI, says that those MSM are educated about how to prevent from HIV disease as the prevalence of it is so high in Cambodia. “I think that the demanding will not be approved because it is unlikely to happen,” he says.

Different from Ano, wearing woman dress, who has problem with the ID card making, MSM long hair who always make up and act like a woman, wearing women clothes and make up a girl, Chan Daro, 29, can go to vote as she has used her brother’s ID card who had died to vote in the last two year. “When I went to cast the ballots, I took the ID card of my brother by using his name” she adds. “I go to vote as one contribution for being a Khmer resident although I know that the politicians do not care much on me and my group.”

Gender is a little problem for Meiy, 21, MSM long hair, says that she went to vote using male ID card. Meiy, in 2007 commune election, says that she went to vote by wearing female shirt and short pants then the people at the polling station asked her a few question about her appearance.
“It was all my nature; I was born with it.”

Mr. Sok Samoeun, director of the Cambodia Defenders Project, says that in the Cambodian institution there is no article saying about third gender person. “We have only male and female; I have never heard of third gender person.”

All the eleven-registered parties in this 2008 national election, there is no party which considers about the third gender person in their policies. Mainly those parties focus on the hot issues in Cambodia occurring in the present time such as inflation, corruption and land conflicts.

Stung Treng Interview

As we go for writing news, we have to go and find people ( interview)... That's life of journalist..

Stung Treng View

Malob Baytong, a peaceful forest in Stung Treng, is there for all of you to visit....

Rainy Season

Everyone of us had to bring along the rain coat on the trip 5 days to stung treng.... anyway we all were so happy .....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Guy

Seila,20, one of the funniest classmates, want to become a journalist. He likes to make friends, travelling and chatting with all people.

Time can brake people's heart

In the last semester of the school, there is a party for all studensts and teachers to enjoy before saying good bye. Although learning with young and aldult students at the same class, both teachers and students love to learn with one another. Time can help people to reduce the sadnees ,and also to make the relationship last long.....

Group of students at one institute studying English.

Friday, June 20, 2008

“People call me a fool artist” says Svay Ken: an artist

Sitting in a small apartment near Wat Phnom, a 76-year-old, Svay Ken, is coloring his painting carefully. He has an interesting life before he became an artist.

Having faced many hard time during Khmer Rouge regime 1975-1979, Ken’s life is not easy after the war. He tried to work very hard to earn a living as a porter at Le Royal Hotel since 1993. Working there, he had the ideas of painting because he went to the US embassy accidentally observing the culture of western people.
He had known the kinds of pictures the placed in the embassy then he came back to draw the picture by his own talent. “I have never learnt to paint before; when young I used to paint on the soil and the ordinary child did” says Ken happily. Ken drew the life of being a porter in the hotel and then he showed it to all the guesses that were swimming in the pool. Some guesses admired mine while the others did not. “I had tried many times to show my painting to the other people but I did not feel hopeless at all at last I got succeed,” adds Ken.
His painting was bought for the first time and he got $7; this encouraged him a lot. Ken adds “life is struggle; whatever happened we have to be strong to deal with it”. He adds that we have to stand up where we fall down. For this 76-year-old man, people have to be self-motivated, self-promoted in order to let other people know us.
For Ken, he has painted simple things that related to his life as a porter and the entire thing surrounded me. “People call me a fool artist” says Ken. What surprised and made Ken remember the most was the painting of “Drama Dancers” that he painted it for Mrs. Helen Javis, an Australian woman who came to Cambodia for a short time visit. At that time he got $60 from 3 paintings; he was really happy as this was the great amount of money he had ever had. From that time on, Ken’s life has become more interesting to the other [he is being known].
After having painted for an Australian woman, Ken drew a picture of American journalist who come to Cambodia and stayed in the hotel. The picture was about the life of a porter in the hotel. That journalist was really fascinated to see that picture and he took that picture from Ken in a rush way without any package Svay Ken’s name was seen on that picture.
Ken used to work for art gallery which he had to paint fro 10-12 pictures a month. Ken continues that working for other people is not what he wished to that’s why he decided to end the contract in 1995. “I want to work independently; I want to draw what I think of and I do not need to command of the boss any more” says Ken in a strict way. To Ken, an artist, he will paint the pictures as long as he can do it although nowadays he cannot walk properly [with the help of walking stick]. “ We have to do when we are able to do it and we do not know exactly when the dying is coming so just do our best when we are alive,” comments Ken.
The fool artist continues utterly that he paints all the things from house whole equipments, cyclo driver, scavenger and the refugees. His paintings have been shown in Phnom Penh and abroad such as at the new art gallery in Phnom Penh, Java Café in Phnom Penh, Reyum institute, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and in the June 24th his achievement will be held in Meta House exhibition.

How Amazing!

A nice lunch at Ma lop Baytong Baytong, at Stung Treng. One of the natural resorts in Stung Treng Ma Lop Baytong is the most interesting place for me I have ever seen.
I really want to go there again cos we will see the water flow( Teok Hoo), and the real nature.....
and even the wildlife....

When you come to Stung Treng don't forget to have to look at it... you will enjoy much more than you expect it to be......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catch the fish

The stone fish is caught by me!

Happy Man

Druken by Coca

Friday, June 13, 2008

Long Way to go

Bayon Temple under construction

Working Near Border

Over loaded working!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Workers near border

Khmer labors near Thai border working so hard to earn the money!

Ankgor what temple

Whenever you go to Siem Reap do not forget go to Angkor Wat.

Learn to accept your mistake

Is it true that we could accept our mistakes? If we know our flaw we need to accept it and change.....

Two People Not Two Ideas

They have different perspective and thought. The left always wants to try new thing while the right does not care much about the new things.. Have you ever experienced in that?
Share it to me by comment......

Thai-Khmer Border

Anlong Veng district, many Cambodian people go to Thailand to be workers there.

Beautiful !

Looking into her future, Sophy,8, wants to be an film actress.

Take a rest

ALong the way to Dang Rek mountain, the view is so nice!

Three In One

Not twin! they are just siblings born one after another. They look so cute right!

Looking far

This man is trying to look for detail of Angkor temple, Siem Reap province, from Bakeng Mountain.
The view is so nice!


Here please have a look here! Are they loving each other or what?